Lord there is pain in my heart, pain in my heart
Minute Second Hour Second Hour Minute
How is that
Rays of the sun radiate down
the torrent always follows
Lightening and hail
Broken heart try to fix my broken heart
looking in all the wrong places
Help someone if you can
try all your might
what if you fail
silly girl you can’t help yourself
fix yourself
Grace fixaflat
You said
if I am empty in one area
Believe on You
and in the mean time Give give give
Give from what?
Pour out to others
Fill fill fill
Feel it filling up inside me
Pours out pours out some more
Holy Spirit rain reign down on me
this moment has been a dream
Finally i can feel
Here it comes rolling in
swoosh swhish whoom bhamm
Immerse under up under
Watch wave ripple smooth ripple
Sparks will fly
Lightning flash across the skyline
drop drop drip drap crap hail
oh it comes too
pinch pank ache angst
My heart
Your Heart
Your word says that you are who you say you are
You can do what you say you can do
I am who you say I am
I can do all through Christ
Declares your word
I will believe on
Yes shield of salvation i will wear
Trumpets will sound
wait Waiting I wait for You
King is coming
Yes Lord
Lord almighty
Praise you Jesus
God my Father
in heaven above
I yearn for
Pour out
overwhelm my heart
Raining down
on me
and us